I need to speed up animations

Is there a way to make animations faster? I set the speed to 0 and its still a bit slow in my opinion.

Well No Acually No There Is’nt

But, Maybe Use The Embed Version Of Your Game That Your Making To Reduce Animation Lag
That Makes he Animations Go Slow.

WhAt DoEs ThAt MeAn?

Please Dont USe Those Words Like: Hi Do YoU PlAy RoBlOx

There Confusing To Me

ok sorry, I was just confused as to what that meant

To See The Embed Version Of Your Game To Reduce Animation Lag That Slows It Down Just Go To Your “My Games” Page, Where You See Your Game Click “Copy Embed Code” Go Open A New Tab Then Paste It Into The Search Bar. ( Press Ctrl+V ) Then Press Enter.

The Thing Is With The Embed Version:

  • You Cant Edit The Game

  • You Cant Move The Embed Page

  • You Cant Go Anywhere On flowlab.io Until You Go To Back To flowlab.io

  • The Backround Is Just White The Game Screen Is Black, (Or Your Game Backround Color)

  • Embed Removes Those Features To Use Less Memory.

    Your Game May Still Lag If There Are A Lot Of Objects

thanks, but the embed code doesn’t do anything when I type it in.

Heres An Example: https://flowlab.io/game/embed/15293

Still Dont Get It? Press Ctrl+V Into A New Tab Then Press Enter Once Done Wait For The Game To Load Then Play It.

ok thanks, it works now. i tried to copy the embed code before but this time I just replaced the word play with url and it worked

Oh! If You See This Iframe Stuff Just Start Deleting The Url It Until You See The Acuall Link Like This: https://flowlab.io/game/embed/1529332 (My Game)

oh ok, thanks for all of the help!