I wanna make it so when my player hits a key it unlocks a level…i got that done but every time I reload the page the lock reappears! @grazer HEREHELP.

  • Saves are used to remember a number when you play or come back to a game.
  • You can Save a number that you can use later or Read the number that’s in there.
  • If you Read before saving anything, it will output a 0.
  • You can have as many saves as you want, as long they have different names (cap sensitive).
  • You can even have several of the same saves if the are named EXACTLY the same.
  • Reading or Saving will both cause an output, so careful to not cause an endless loop.
  • Loops from a save can crash your game.

Here is a shop example I made that could help you understand Save behaviors:

Try this in the GOLD KEY:
Try this in LEVEL 2:

Try this in GOLD LOCK:

If you understand how Saves work after this, you can do the same for Level 3.

So I did what you said and it took me to level 2 as soon as I touched the key.

I’m a noob and I didn’t explain well enough, and I don’t really know how to. I’m going to keep trying to figure it out on my own. Though I might need help soon…

Thx for helping tho!

EDIT: And no, i don’t understand how SAVE works…smh

Whoops, seem I didn’t put the Name of the save in the block, but you seemed to fixed it.

Though, you left LEVEL 2 Save block blank…

Look at my first comment ^^^ and also try playing around with my shop from the link.

Hmm. I going to send you some pics of what I’m trying right now. Maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong?


this is what i did in Key

Gold lock

this is what i have in Gold lock

I see, but the thing is you can’t send messages across levels.
And the mailbox Out the same time the message sends.

Saves remembers a number, so you can use it later or on another level.

Level 2

And this is what i have in level 2

would it help if i had a level 2 in Game level?

BTW i spammed so i couldn’t answer you XD

Not really? (also there isn’t a level called “Game”)
If you use a Save, the game will know if you can or can’t press LEVEL 2.

Edit: also everything like mailboxes, switches, etc resets once your in another level, so its like you never sent the message. Saves are the only thing that will remember across levels unless you make the object “Keep between levels” which can give weird/mix results. I just advise using Saves.

You can have several of the same Save block (even in other objects) as long the name is exactly the same. (which your LEVEL 2 still doesn’t have a name “L2Unlock”)

OH YEAH I meant level 1 (It used to be named “Game”)

I would just use saves instead of messages like in my earlier screenshots