I plan on getting an indie plan

Hey, Im going to get an indie plan but i wanted to know if theirs any benefit for every next year, like do I keep my stuff, do i still get the same benefits. I’d like some details, Thanks.

Hey @Lexmaier06 - I’m not completely sure I understand your questions, but once your Indie subscription expires, your games are kept intact and nothing is changes. You can still edit them, but if you go back to a free account, you’ll have the same free account editing restrictions and can no longer make new exported apps.

Does that answer your questions at all?

Anything you already did, you keep.

But like if you made 7 levels and you go back to a free account, you still have 7 levels but you can’t add anymore levels.

Same with how many games you have and objects. Also I think if you already made an export, you can still get the download but you can’t get a new / updated export.

Ok that’s good to know, But is it truly worth the 60$ per year?

tbh @Lexmaier06 yes, thats about $5 a month, and you can export your games and add them to actual app stores. Even if your not making a game for the app store, as you can see, I have made over 30 example games for anyone to try. Also Grazer is always adding things for Indie accounts, like beta tools/behaviors and customizable game pages.

Oh so theirs more features than it tells me? That’s amazing, thanks

Hey @Lexmaier06 - I hope that everyone that signs up thinks it worth it, but if you (or anyone else) subscribes but decides that they don’t like it after all, just send me an email and I’ll refund you.

I find the indie acct to be very worth it. Lots more freedom to experiment!