I think it’s time to put this issue to rest

Name changing. Mind. Explosion. I feel like everybody’s always asking about it, so it would be cool if we could change our names. I understand that if you try to change your name to much, it might crash flowlab, so maybe set the limit to once a day?? This would be a very cool non-coding addition to flowlab @grazer :slightly_smiling_face:


The thing is, if people were just allowed to change their names, there would be an overwhelming amount of people who put inappropriate usernames for a laugh. If grazer had to moderate people changing their usernames, that would add more work onto all the stuff they already have to do, so grazer changing usernames manually seems like the most optimal route.


Or we could have moderator bots that tell you if your name is clean or not. There are multiple problems with that, though


There would be an almost infinite amount of ways people could swear in their usernames and grazer would have to add almost all of them.


And then it would be the Roblox filter all over again


Don’t mention it’s name.



I think that this feature would be good to add, but it should be low priority, above all else. And instead of having to wait a day to change your name again, I would suggest that you wait around a month. Otherwise, people would change their usernames too frequently, and it would cause major confusion.

And if they end up putting an inappropriate username, Grazer can either ban them or change the username manually like he does now (I would prefer the former, since people have to log in and out in order for the changes to affect the forums).


Very good idea :+1:


Uh oh. Tactical nuke incoming!!!



Changing names would not be a difficult feature to add. The reason I intentionally omitted this feature is that I wanted us to be a community of developers that can recognize each other, and gain respect for each other’s work and efforts over time. Also, I hoped that it would be a reminder that each of us is a real person behind each username, and it would be a tiny bit of incentive to treat each other respectfully.

I think the policy has been more of a success than a failure, and compared to most places on the internet we all get a long pretty well.

I’m open to the idea that the username policy could be improved, but I don’t want to be in a situation where someone can feel free to stir up drama and then just change their name, or don’t feel any motivation to build or protect their own reputation as a game developer.

I also understand that some people have been here a really long time! many people got started using Flowlab when they were much younger, and now their usernames that sounded cool at the time maybe feel a little cringy or just no longer a good fit.

Maybe the following would be an improvement:

  1. Indies can change their names. If you are supporting the site with your own money, then obviously you’re not here to cause trouble, and you can change your name if you want.

  2. Free accounts can change their name 1 time (ever). This would cover the cases where someone has been around for a long time and decides the name no longer fits, and the cases where people sign up with a weird name not realizing it would be their displayed name on the site.

I’m open to suggestions or feedback, now that I’ve laid out my thought process behind the current policy.




And yes.

  • Indie get to change their name
  • Free version change name once

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Are we really locking a name change behind a paywall? It’s a basic feature on a lot of websites, and I don’t think it’s fair. OPINION OVER


Yes,it is fair.Grazer needs money.You can’t just to saying that it isn’t fair because some people are broke and need a name change.If no features were locked behind a paywall,Grazer probably would be had $5.Some features have to be locked behind a paywall so the creators can get money.


Ok but there is so much more motivation to use an Indie account
There’s (inhales)
Unlimited Objects
Unlimited Games
Unlimited Levels
Online Multiplayer
Creating Dev Teams
Exporting your games to app stores
Shader Block
Fullscreen Block
Using Beta features
Priority Support
Uploading Custom Sounds
Customizable game pages
Debug mode
and Cloud Saves


Grazer gave the reason why he doesn’t have the “name change” thing an easy-to-do option. From what I read, he wants the person who changes their name to be trustworthy, and most of the time trolls don’t have money to spend wherever they want. It effects the free users, yeah, but it’s a precaution that is necessary.


Along with this, I think a “submit form” for changing a user’s name would be nice, instead of the user having to post a new thread each time they want to change their name. Maybe in profile settings, it could be something like “submit new username”?


Yeah I guess, but I think your “Submit Forum” idea kinda already covers that issue