I wanna make an RPG Type Game, can anyone help me?

Can someone help me make a Final Fantasy type game? I want to make a turn based combat, where you can also collect new warriors and buy weapons/ armor for them, lvl them up, and hire new warriors if old ones die. Anyone wanna help?

ill try to make a turn example later, right now im focusing on other things. try using mouseclick to send messages to the enemy like dmg.
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read that


I tried the hat store example with an armor piece and a sword piece and it didnt work out so well…

hey man sorry that link is just about all i can give u, i tried making a store before and its hard so i gave up, i was hoping u could figure it out, i know mhx made an example store

Yeah, thanks anyway. I tried o do it with MHX’s Example as a guide, but i had a lot of trouble and couldn’t do it.

Ok, I tried it as a side project, but it is not working, wanna see what you can do? i got the coin collection down, but the attatcher behavior doesn’t seem to work. For example, when i select the sword for the item to “attach” it says “none” When i leave the menu, instead of saying “Sword”. Anyone wanna help?

@ztg5, @jngthree, @Grazer Bro I figured it out!!! I actually figured it out! Ok, basically the only problem is when you buy the sword, you actually kinda float to the top. I altered the sprite, and now you get drifted to the side. lol, but you wanna help?

make sure the sword isnt solid

it causes it to push you

It does?

ok, let me try that.
But the thing is, then it will fall from midair. should i put a platform underneath?

oh nvm, you just dont click “Affected by Gravity” Duh


Ok, did it, but it looks rlly weird, wanna help me @jngthree

lol it looks like 2 people being merged

try making the alpha of the player 0