I want the next game I make to be amazing!

I made this https://flowlab.io/game/play/1402421 first and now I’m working on a sequel with a lot more difficulty. I was just wondering if you can point me to any guides and I also want to have a working title screen and decent backgrounds. The main problem though I’m having now is with character physics and I really want the movement to be fluid and the least choppy it can be. For instance I want the main player to not be able to hold up and get stuck to the ceiling or slide off of walls. I want it to be like a real side scrolling plat former but… maybe with some rpg aspects. I’m a complete noob and you can take my first game for reference and see where you can help if you like. Anything is a blessing. Thank you! oh yeah and @“The Kodex”


Yeah I’m addicted now lol