I want this to look good... Help!

I’m trying to make it so that after some time in the start-up, it says, “Plymouth Interactive Fables”, then after a little longer, it says, “Presents”, and with a bit of a suspense wait it then says, “A-Box”. It mostly works, but there is one problem: Before they appear, they are already there! When the timer goes off, it just disappears then goes through the alpha I set it on, but the player can already see what it was going to say. Maybe you should just check it out. You can not access this through playing the game, so it is best to go into the editor and to the level “Start Up”. The scene isn’t finished, but I need help with this. Here is the link:


Thank you, and just leave any help below… I need it.

If your using a label or an object then you can use the alpha input. The alpha input works like this: if you put a zero into the alpha input of the label then you can not see it. If you put a 100 then you can see it fully. And if you are using an object in the properties there is an alpha behavior it works the same way as the label alpha. So you could do like once alpha then start a timer then 100 alpha or something like that.

I will try that out @“Johnny boy” , thanks!

Nevermind I just read your whole post try this: Once Alpha

I’ve got it working now, thanks @“Johnny boy” ! (that got solved rather quickly compared to some of my other problems :lol: ) I can now start working on this one more!

EDIT: Now seeing this latest comment, I already did that…

Wait does it work?

Yes, it works now, and is now part of the game @“Johnny boy”