I want tiles to stop floating, please!

Can you please help me get the tiles to stop floating through the wall, please? If I make a match, it goes through. I messed with the force and the angle, but nothing I did made the 4s always stop going through.

Hey @TommyPL - post a link to your game, I don;t understand the description


Thank you for your interest in helping me.

Make a big square the play area and don’t let it pass the invisible borders
Use extractors for X and Y, then use filters greater and less than filters for both, and finally set the position it will never pass. Make this a bundle and put it in every number.


I’m sorry it took me so long to write back to you; thank you for your help. I tried this, but then if it goes to the bottom of the screen, it goes clear back to the top. I would also like to fix that, please. I think I must be missing a step.