I want to make a vr game

i need alot of people for this vr game i have nothing to start of with vr just came to my mind then flowlab did too.
this will be the first vr game in flowlab and it wont be done quick so with pacients and determination we can do it we can start by putting up ideas in this.we should get atlleast 100 people helping then we can start

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i have no idea what to do for this or how we are going to do this

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To be honest, I don’t think VR is physically possible in a 2D game software, but I’m sure there is a way.

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This might be really hard… Anyone know how to make a proficient 3D experience on flowlab, cause other than something like the original Duke Nukem game, I’m not sure how much we would accomplish here?
Honestly, with all the code we’ve been given access to, there is a way, but we may not have the skills to accomplish it on this engine.

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lopinjop can do 3d lets try and get him

I’m afraid I can’t now, but you can just @[name here], and hopefully he will respond.

hey @lopinjop we need your help i saw your 3d models on tread and you could help us alot lets get this vr game working it will take a long time but we can do this!

we need kodex lopinjop and other good game makers then we might be able to pull it off!

all I can say is good luck, but one problem how are you gonna get the way the person is facing from there to flowlab?

i dont know i have no idea what im doing but i just want to see if its possible honestly

This concept has been tried in the past, and it seemed to work good for some people.
If you want to try, by all means go ahead.

So I reread the whole discussion and I realized that it may not be as helpful, but the discussion DOES introduce the interesting concept that VR could work.

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hey JR i was just trying to get you in!

If you can make an app for Steam that manipulates the headset tracking to be used as a mouse (just this), then I think I would be able to make some VR games with Flowlab.

can you help with that cuz i dont know how to do that :hamburger::hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:

I Can Help With It Too Im Not Good At Pixel Art But, Im Good At Coding

ok i have the template join crossed sword games and you might be able to help

Honestly for a 2d vr game texture and shading are your best friend

I can help! even tho we need to figure out VR motion controls :thinking:

At this poind the topic it dead do to the fact that controllers are not suported

then we can use mouse move and see if that works. But you are right the topic is dead.