Hey guys! It’s the annoying spammer guy again. I found this frickin awesome game called BaroTrauma that I think, with a bit if work, we can make. Look it up and tell me what you think!
If I get at least 3 people down for it, I will start a group. I am hoping for help from…
@“Mhx Ar”
@“The Kodex”
@“Daniel Folston” (not really)
@Crigence (o wait hes ded)
@seamothmaster45 (he nub but hes learning L)
@Eric_Matyas (MuSiC PlEaSe)



U just got blocked for spamming L

sorry I’m excited

I searched it and no results came up. :confused:


@ShadowAxeKid it’s not a flowlab game. Google it

@meburningslime i havent watched any previews but from the looks of the few screen shots I just saw, this is some sort of metroid-vania platformer rpg? This has got my wheels turning and I might have a pitch/proposition for you tomorrow after I think it over tonight. stand by.

Yeah @meburningslime , We could make that from what the screen shots tell. Just Know my main focus is still the unnamed Horror Game but i’m open to other projects too.

But can you explain the game mechanics of the game to me? It looks like a 2d platformer but is there more to the game?


I think it might be possible.
@grazer what do you think…?

idk I’ll think about it like you said I am a noob and haven’t even made one successful game. Overall I don’t think I would be much help.

Maybe on the animations? There is a lot of pixel art of just copy and paste

you right

What’s the point of making it in Flowlab though? Just so we have a browser version to play or just to prove we can do it? i don’t understand the point of remaking games in Flowlab

hes not wrong

@Crigence there is one major reason for me. I am going to become a semi-official class teacher soon, and I need something awesome to present to the Board. Basically I want to impress them lol.

True. It would be impressive to recreate a game using a simple game engine, and he’s just doing it for fun! I don’t see why everyone is having a go at @meburningslime for setting himself a challenge?

@“The Kodex” im used to it. Ever play roblox? Lol

Could I help?

Aw this chat died