I want to setup a team!

This is my second team that I want to make. I want ATLEAST 1 other indie, since I have it. All I need is someone who can make art, and someone who is somewhat better than me at coding. My idea is an open world multiplayer, sort of like minecraft, but more on the explore side than a build kinda side. Type these short codes for which you want to do. (btw the coding and the art people do NOT need to have indie, they can tho if that is what i get)

Type “Indie” if you want to be the other indie dev. Their job will be more of moding and helping people when another dev needs help.

Type “Art” if you to be art dev. Their job is fairly recognizable from the name, WORK ON ART. If someone makes an object, that dev must tell the art person what to design.

Type “Code” if you want to be the code dev. Just like the art, they do what their name says, CODE. They will be the only other person that can make an object other than me, and the other indie. Other than that, they code the objects.

Thats all, if we can get a full team, I will make a discussion for our group.




can indie devs code objects as well?

Yeah they can. @CHillflakes, ok.

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Yeah they can @GGSTUDIOS

Are you wanting to join @GGSTUDIOS?

you know what yeah sure

I won’t invite you yet, I want my team ready. I hope u understand

Are you indie? (20202020)

Question, is this game going to be a top-down or like a plat-former similar to terraria. I’m guessing (since you mentioned open world) that it would be top-down, but I figure that I would ask.

@sans7657 yeah im indie

@ManiacPumpkin, I was very much thinking of making it a top-Down, but I decided platformer, so yes, terraria style. Do you want to join? That would fulfill the final spot

@GGSTUDIOS, ok thanks.

How about…music? :yum: If you want some 8-bit tunes for ambience, I got you!

**** (dont flag) I forgot. For sure @dapres87! You will be credited, like I do when ever I get help for a game.

I can’t get a coder, soooooo,

That technically means it could be me. I will be place holder. Plus @GGSTUDIOS said nothing about coding, but I wouldn’t mind you doing it (if you want)

Everybody (including me @GGSTUDIOS @CHillflakes, and I will invite @dapres87) is getting the invite to the dev team

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I wont mind doing some of the coding

ok thanks, btw I work on stuff after my school is done, mine is done at 2

eh thats ok I have school 2 but its out early on Wednesday

Sent it to you peeps!!!