i was bored so i made this game.

i made this “game”,idek if you can consider it a game but whatever. Basically you just move your mouse over the face of the guy and just punch him. Thats it. Probably gonna delete it soon, so play it while it lasts XD
Link: flowlab.io/game/view/598391


Play this and punch someone else! except with fireballs, hammers, and bullets.


@jngthree Good job at self promoting :joy: but cool game, ive played it before

I know! Self promoting is the best! (JK it sucks I just figured you’d like it, especially because of the new features)

Its not fun

@eoindean okay, there wasnt a point to the “game” that wasnt really a game, it wasnt really supposed to be fun, i was just creating sprites for fun and i needed something to do with them. but i mean advice to you, dont grave dig on old pages. Thanks