I wasn't logged in..

Just made some changes to my game until I realized I’m not even logged in. Please grazer, make this more obvious because this really annoys me.


It annoys me when Im not logged on. How do you not notice the beeping!?

He made that update that goes BEEP BEEP BEEP and the screen flashes every single time you do anything, and it says “SAVING IS LOCKED” with a big lock button on the bottom right. I have no idea how you missed all that.

I didn’t notice the flashing thing and the volume was off. \(?)/

I want a popup window when opening the editor saying that saving is locked.



I still have an old script that’ll close your browser if you use it, unless that doesn’t work anymore in most browsers. I know it worked for Internet Explorer. We could have it run a script where if you’re not logged in it just closes your browser. Hopefully that would be helpful.


But yeah I’m sure it would help to have a screen that says something like

“Saving is locked”

Yes a popup window, the only way to make it obvious.

I only notice centered things, not small details in the corners.

I should make a game where the most important parts are small details in the corner, just so you can’t play it

Making the play button in the corner is already good enough :wink: