I would like to request a username change! (Please)

@“grazer”, can you change my username to “GalaxianGames”?

For almost 3+ years, I have been known on Flowlab as @“Superstargames”. Now, I want to change that username. Why?

  1. “Superstargames” was a name that I made up when I was seven. Now as a teenager, looking back, I feel like I need a cooler name that still had a “space” theme to it, much like the original name. The term “Galaxian” is a play on the words “Galaxy” and “Martian” (from my vantage point)
  2. In the future, I plan to use more hardcore game programming platforms, like Unreal Engine, and plan on having additional people helping me out with future projects. I would still revisit Flowlab, of course, (since it won a special place in my heart) but I want a name that would stand out more than just “Superstargames”.
  3. I am working on a game called “Superstar Team: Energy Boom”, and I don’t want people to mix up both names.

So again, @“grazer”, can you change my username to “GalaxianGames”? Thanks!

Hey - this is done. You may have to log out of the forums and back in (by clicking the forum link on the https://flowlab.io header) to get it to take effect here.

I know the real reason you chose “Galaxian” was just to make me feel old:

@“grazer”, thank you!

(And no, I only found out about that a few minutes after posting this discussion, but yeah, I see the connection :lol: :bleep_bloop: )

cool name @GalaxianGames