Idea: Animation Priorities

Animations could have priority values that span from 1-6.

If two animations trigger at once, the one with the lower priority number would be the one to show. The other one would be canceled.

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Sounds interesting - do you have some examples in mind about how we would use them?

@grazer here’s an example:
Let’s say there’s an object,

It has an animation for when it’s running. Because this is a basic mechanic let’s keep it toward the middle at a priority value of 3.

You don’t want to see him trying to run mid-air after jumping so he has a jumping animation as well. Because you want it to show OVER the running animation, it is set to 2.

If you want to make him have an animation for taking a hit and have that for any scenario, set it to 1.

If two or more animations clash, the one that came first will show over. If it’s at the same time let it be random.

For me, it would allow the grid tiles in the background work better as certain things would work better.