Idea for a new badge?

Maybe something like Community Creator, someone like @ManiacPumpkin or @Browngr that people rally behind and they do a lot in the community? Just a thought since I just found out about the badges. Like if u agree.


Alright I’ll shut up about the badges now I’ve been spamming grazer for over half an hour

hahaha cool to see me up there as someone that “people rally behind”. I think I like this idea; I imagine @rcreger would be one of the first to get it since he’s one of the community’s biggest creators and has a gigantic audience for Sol. Good idea! I’m on-board personally

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Yeah, I kinda cheated the system to get it bigger than him, the people I could see getting this are u 2, rcreger, and maybe The Kodex.

Also ur in the same boat as me lol, I’m still trying to get the ‘regular’ badge

haha I’ve been visiting every day since this new forum began, so I’m starting to wonder if that’s even what the “Regular” badge is lol

And what would be really epic is if we got a badge for the Musketeers, but I doubt that will ever happen lol

You get the Regular badge after 100 days of visiting the site.

Or a Guardian badge for protectors of the forum

I was gonna make some joke about the the image you posted, but it wouldn’t even be worth the effort

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It was a whole 30 seconds making that image, but it’s lasted a month. Mission failed successfully.

You have been slightly out of the loop if you don’t know what it’s from mate lol

I know what its from but I am indeed a bit out of the loop (roblox studio is holding me hostage help)

Lol, @theglitch055 I escaped from that a long time ago because it was a prison cell of hackers and profanity lol

Your roomates are The Devil and Oof

oof? this is my time O O O O O O O O O O O F