Idea For Flowlab! - Import Games

@grazer Hello flowlab, i have a idea for you guys, why don’t flowlab add a button saying ‘Import Game’ ? (remenber: just import games from flowlab not unity and other engines JUST FLOWLAB!) like you deleted you game, (unintentionally) But you have the game file:
And just click the button ´Import Game´ and put the file!! And this is my idea, thanks flowlab!


Thats actually a good idea, if you want Grazer’s attention (Creator of Flowlab)

type this: @Grazer

You don’t have to do it now bc I did it for you but to get anyones attention type @ and their username

Example: @pimpoplays

This makes no sense, if you have a flowlab game, you exported it from flowlab, meaning that it is already on flowlab. Why would I need to import the game back in? For a duplicate? It also gives you an obvious option before deleting your game and it makes no sense to delete it after exporting.

Edit: Forgot to mention that even if you accidently delete your game, grazer can bring it back for you anyways.

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Thanks @Deadly_Smile !

but if you have the game file, you dont need to talk to grazer, just import the game

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So this would be a convenience thing

I don’t think you realize how little sense this makes. First of all, it gives you an obvious “are you sure” before deleting a game, and literally 99% of people export their game only when it is finished, bc it makes no sense to fill your computer with games that take up a large space. And it usually only takes like up to 16 hours for grazer to bring games back, usually taking much less. AND. People with indie can send a ticket meaning that it will be even faster.

@Galactian ok i know that before you deleting a game it says Are your sure, but THINK you click delete and it says are you sure? And then you clicked Yes, but you accidentally clicked yes, but you still have the game in your computer, so thats it!

And sending a ticket to grazer, he dont respond in time (a little bit) and i dont want to we make a fight, so lets stop. (If i said somethinf wrong is beacuse i speak in portugese)


Good choice and also,

The Grammar Police are looking for you even if you speak a different language
and ALSO
Correction: “And I don’t want to start a fight, so let’s stop.”
(Punctuation don’t matter your sentence was just hurting me.