Idea: SaveState behavoir

You could use this behavior to download a copy of where you are in a certain game and then be able to share it
for my level creator example it would be great if a player could press a button save their level and then share it on the forums to have other play them

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Headsup: there already is a Save behavior.

A “SaveState” behavior has already been requested before, but this is interesting.
Being able to share the level/SaveState with a code of some sort would be great.

You can already do this, even though it requires some more work.
The good news is that the next update will bring Data Types, making this process a lot easier to do.

A save state behavior has been requested many of times, and hopefully we can get the behavior by next year.

But if we do, it would be just like the save behavior, where it saves to the computer you play it on. Sharing this data wouldn’t be easy if you tried.

well saving position should be pie, just attach this x and y value into position and then put it into save andi do believ it will put you in that spot next time you play

I’m pretty sure he’s asking away to save how a game was played in a moment in time, in which to duplicate correctly would needs 100’s or maybe even 1,000’s of save behaviors.

For example like saving in mid game combat, a race, or in the middle of a jump. You need to save all objects momentum, actions and all the numbers used in the game. So they could be loaded as if you never left the game.

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