Ideas/Feature Requests For Flowlab For Grazer

@grazer these are ideas for you to think about or add

P.S. Add Joints please (At Some Point)

Add a rag doll feature, like the attacher but more controllable

Add a way to save your progress of the game, useful for online games (IF YOU FIX MULTIPLAYER) and lets say you buy a skin and you need to save it FOREVER, it works!

And Maybe add a 3-rd person game style/template, and to pick it instead of tutorial and blank game, add a option for 3-rd person games, just think what people could do, and more players and people will come to flow-lab.

and randomly add more buttons for alerts for like more option

If you could add these @grazer would you?


Yeah But The Rag Doll Feature Would Be Cool

Also @seamothmaster45 Did You Play My Game And Think Of Some Updates Or See Any Bugs

Sorry @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev I Know This Is Off Topic But I Was Just Wondering Since Commented @seamothmaster45 Here And Left Me Hanging On My Discussion, Not That Im Upset Or Mad @seamothmaster45 Just Making Sure :smile:

  1. Actual joints would be a cool feature
  2. You can do that using Save behaviors
  3. 3rd person would need 3D game engine, thats probably not gonna happen

Yeah But A Man Can Hope

Yep Indeed

@“JR 01” i don’t know about that. Last time i asked, which was a year ago, grazer kind of ominously said you will have to be suprised…

Here is my version, with a lot more suggestions. Maybe it can help? Also @grazer please check it out