Ideas for boss?

I’m almost finished making my first game, However, I ran out of ideas and need some ideas for my boss. Can someone give me suggestions? It will be appreciated :slight_smile:



Any idea is helpful (well, almost any)! Thanks in advance.

You’ll see a boss already, but I want it to change form when its life goes down a certain level.


A lava monster that you need to release a big thing of water on to kill, but you have to escape back the way you came even with water everywhere, so you have to do a jumping thing again. Lava guy would have a dissolve animation and destroy, only to appear out of the ceiling. if you touch him, you die.

that is just a rough idea

It’s complicated, but I think I get the idea. Thanks, @Myw and I’ll try it (as best I can) :smiley:

If it works, that’s amazing, but I doubt it because I only have 1 object left. :frowning:

Oh… I am thinking of using something like this in one of my games, so wee will see how it turns out. if you can, you could make a separate game to show the boss, because I would honestly make that boss 3 levels long, 1 for battle, one for button, and one for escape

I giant cursed flying boot… What am i saying

@Myw Okay, I’ll try it.
@jngthree a giant cursed flying boot?

I dont even know. Maybe it tries to stomp you and you have to dodge and stomp it?!?

Great idea jngthree! But that’s extremely similar to the BOSS blade (the one that looks like a sword). It just moves around in the air and when you get close, it strikes down. If you jump on it, it loses some life.

You could check it out and see if it’s similar to your idea. :smile:

Okay, I’d make a final boss, but now I’m completely out of objects. I should probably get rid of some more tip boxes, which I’ve done about 3 times… or I can just leave it like this with the BOSS tormentor as the final opponent.

Opinions, suggestions, etc. are appreciated!!

I need some music to play in the background…

Ok. Want me to compose for you?
Its free