Ideas for boss?

really? That would be great, thnx :slight_smile:

Just give me a description of what u want

For level 1-4, anything exciting and adventurous will do. In level 5, something ominous might fit in… and finally, on the boss, something very exciting (something like the “Final Destination theme” in super smash bros for 3ds). If I’m asking for too much, sorry :frowning:
But that’s just for the best case scenario. :slight_smile:

Okay, I really need to work on my english

I need ONE idea for a boss. Just one! And it has to surpass even the previous demi-bosses (BOSS blade, BOSS tormentor and BOSS phoenix). Something that’s really hard to beat. Any ideas?

I’ve deleted the Launcher, whom I had high hopes for since it was a flying jet that emitted missiles. It was also the first object I’ve animated. :frowning: however, it did not serve such a high purpose for the game and I needed objects for the final level. So PLEASE help.

A flying robot that moves and stuff while emitting water and the only way to defeat it is by doing a course of some kind and jumping on top of it

Interesting, I’ll consider it! Thanks!

So I put another boss called the BOSS phoenix (which looks like a blue Meta Knight), and it flies around emitting grey balls named Shadows. Unfortunately, the course would be too tight for this game… maybe I’ll make another game showing it.

Just a new update: the LV5 map became much longer.

Actually, forget that I ever said it. TERRIBLE idea.

Support my blue ghost.
Maybe use him as a boss

Thanks for the idea!

Now boss space is full: FORUM CLOSED; thanks everyone for your support! :slight_smile:

forgive me for my english; I’m only 13 :neutral:

Is the FORUM closed?! How did you do that! I can still post comments in every TOPIC :tongue:



I meant discussion. :lol: