IDK how to create saves, does someone know?

I have a fountain object, when you stand near it, it’s supposed to activate a checkpoint. But i’m not sure how to do that.
Here’s my game-

I have 2 checkpoint examples you can try.
The second one is a bit advance, so I would look at the first one first.

Checkpoint Example:

Checkpoint Example 2:

I did everything in the first one, yet it’s still not working.

There is some kind of spelling error in the fountain like a space before the word @Lexmaier06,
Try retyping the word with the save in the fountain (its very specific, adding a space in the word make it a different save).

Ok, But how do I make it reset, so it doesn’t activate everytime

Just input a 0 or a different number into ‘Save’, the filter only works if the Save has a 1.

I’m not sure what you mean

had the same problem before got the same response thought it worked but it did not I’ve tried both examples and I also can’t get it to work!

your not the only one

Alright, Thx for that

Now the Checkpoint isn’t working at all

exactly! IT DOESN’T WORK!!!

Hey @Lexmaier06, when do you want the checkpoint to reset?

If you want them to reset after using it, you would need a timer
and also to make the proximity only trigger once.


I used example 1 awhile ago and it worked, idk what your doing wrong but it works

probably just me I act like I’m good at this, but half the time I just put random crap down and something cool happens and I decide to keep it!

If your still having problems @seamothmaster45, create a separate discussion with your game and where it is, and I’ll take a look at it.

no it’s alright @“JR 01” with how my game is played it is better off without it

Is there a way to make the same object act as every different checkpoint

Thats a bit more advance but yes, its in Checkpoint Example 2.

Checkpoint Example 2: