Idk how to make the character move by itself [SOLVED]

Good morning everyone! I need some help Idk how to make the character move by itself, if anyone could help that will be great!



I can help.

I make example?

Or tell you?

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Yes you can @Deadly_Smile

im making a game called space runner

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Enemy Movement Help?
Give me link.
It will make help easier.

i have not done that much : /

Working onto something, gimme a minute

It may look like it has bad quality, just zoom in.

is that it or is there more @Deadly_Smile??

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Thas is it.

Thank you @Deadly_Smile

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No problem!

Loving the new stick boi style too, can’t wait for until it’s done.

Thaks i worked hard on it

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Hey @Deadly_Smile is the W key were it says up is the line going to off?

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Yeah, but it doesn’t really matter though.
As long as it detects the character is off the ground, it works.