If anyone needs help, I'm here to help. READ THIS!!!

I have created videos on youtube for everyone to watch. I’m still putting videos out every Thursday so don’t just watch them and leave the video. If you want to cotinue to recieve my videos, that are almost about anything, the Subcribe so you can recieve them. I’m here to help all of you, So that’s the help I’m offering.


Hi everyone again. If you have noticed, my videos keep on updating constantly. Like the first video is without effects, music, or any cool stuff. DON’T WORRY!!! Every video is better than the next one!

The link to my videos is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dgD1N2As1mw3lETeYsY9RG67CW_SrDH

These tutorials are great in all but they are a little to simple and @Latif and @grazer have already made ones similar, try making more advanced tutorials like custom parallax, inventory, or loot drops and shops. this would be more helpful to the people of flowlab.io also your statement “IF YOU ARE WATCHING THESE VIDEOS SUSCRIBE! IF I AM OF HELP TO YOU WITH THESE FLOWLAB TUTORIALS.” is not necessarily true sense it’s not really helping people so no wonder they are not subscribing also you can’t just force people to subscribe just be patient. also start working on more advanced tutorials.

Also making your own sprites instead of the default ones in a video will so the you are a more advance pixel artist than some person who doesn’t know what there doing. if you need custom sprites you can download them from my website if you wish just an option you don’t have to do it.

@Tim01 i subscribe

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@Tim01 isnt this a handsome fellowScreenshot 2020-05-01 at 3.24.03 AM


@GrimProductionZ did you watch the latest vide0? I am constantly making new videos, and as you go on, you will notice that I have music and my latest uploads will be more interesting just make sure to check all of the videos not just the first one.

Yes i did

So you want me to make something interesting I guess to help people using flowlab? Well I am. thanks for the advice.

waoh guys chill even though i know some advanced things he @Tim01 still helped me recently due to his youtube channle so can we all come to an agreement here?

yes sure @glithctyrus

Have you made a video on AI yet?

yes @meburningslime but it will be published at the end of may I think

Great. I can’t wait to see how you made it. What did you use for combat tactic development?

you mean to fight?

If you mean what the enemy does, is he jumps up over blocks while still chasing and he uses arrows to fire. He fires every 1 sec.