If/Else behavior

@grazer all users need it, I guess. One input, two output. If signal comes, send signal to output “if”, else send signal to output “else”.
(Sorry for my bad english)

you can use filters to do this, but it can be hard depending on how complex your string is

If what?

Doesn’t the filter node behave the way you want?

Yeah… This topic is pointless

Mhx and I came up with an and/or/xor rig if that’s what ur talking about.

TBH I really would like that as a node. Having 8 filters and an expression takes too much time, let alone having to remember all off the numbers in the algorithm…

Yeah people that using flowlab really good can use filter trick but it’s hard, I can’t do it. And with filters, you can’t copy it 10 times, it takes weeks. @grazer I think all flowlab family will be happy if you do this
and sorry for my bad english again

Hey @O.Aras - I’m not saying that you’re wrong, I just don’t believe I fully understand what you’re asking for. It sounds like you want something like an inverter (a/k/a “NOT” logic gate), where the output is the opposite of the input. I think this would provide the behavior you want, right?

I am still in need of alerts with multiple buttons or triggers for the next point. I neeed this for my dialouge

Lol I still don’t get this either, so you have one input, like collision, and if you collide w/ something happens and if you don’t it doesn’t?
(Filtering is quite easy, i.e -trigger [timer, for instance]-number [-1]-number [100?]- filter [equal to 0 or less than 1]- some kind of random behavior (send a message to player to die)

@Myw Ikr. people have been asking for this for months now… maybe years :smiley:

@grazer Yes, I guess we are saying same things. (I am O.Aras’s second account)