if flowlab was 3d

I had this weird dream… and it actually made sense.

I had a dream about using flowlab last night (beats me on why) but hear me out- it hit me like a bus.
Flowlab had a 3D update- allowing 3D mode, and pretty much every node had extra inputs- so like camera had Rotate X, Rotate Y, and Rotate Z there. All movement related nodes had that extra Z axis. Sprites got replaced with 3DX files, and a polygon hitbox. Then there was a new node called Light Point which basically made the object a light source… and thats all I remember.

Maybe some day, that could actually be a realty

Also, Im pretty much clueless on any engine I go near except for here- heh that rhymed

I bet that would be a lot complicated to do and we couldnt run flowlab on a browser.
But yes it would be nice of course.

An 3D engine with flowlab engine would be one of the easiest and greatest game makers.

In my opinion it’s already the best in 2D. Including his Design, Laguange, Facility, Results, Options and much more.

So in 3d would be the best without doubt

Oh you changed the title, very sneaky… It used to be Starblast 4. When I saw it I sighed and closed the page.

Also, forget your dream, it isn’t happening. We can’t even make text boxes or arrays/lists with flowlab. We miss lots of things, that’s why it’s still in beta.


Originally it said lol jk baited at the top

I think that @grazer should make flowlab an app and an browser thing at the same time. It would be nice to make the games without internet connection. And I can see how a 3D flowlab would work. Ive thought about it a lot recently and I can see it happening.

An offline version could probably be the best option to root for right now.

how does one tell flowlab to make 3d update ?!?!?!?