If I win a FlowJam, is there any stuff I have to pay for?

@grazer I’m broke as heck, so I can’t really pay for shipping and handling or anything like that. I live in the US.

yes i know how low the chances are of me winning

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If you live in the US I don’t think you have to pay for shipping or anything. But I think anyone outside the US has to pay for extra shipping costs.

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@ManiacPumpkin speaks true words of truth.

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Inside the U.S. you won’t have to pay anything - I’ll buy it and have it shipped to you. Outside the U.S. you may have to pay customs, import, or V.A.T. taxes when it arrives, depending on your country’s laws.


In Brazil you can’t even get it

This is half the list of stuff you can’t ship to brazil lol

Why do they need to clarify that there’s no shipping Military Equipment to Brazil?