If you would like to review, read me! (Discontinued)


I’ve just made a BIG new addition to The Crigence Critique website:

You can now submit your own customizable reviews to the website in my format! It’s called the “Create” feature and it can be found under the new section “Interactions” on the website!

I’m currently only taking submissions but the page(s?) for the public to be able to read them should be available soon! Thanks for reading this announcement and i hope to see more community made reviews come out of this!

The link is right here:
[Link removed[
The rules for posting are here:
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All submissions will ALSO be posted here!


Can’t wait to see people reviewing their own games giving 5/5’s

First of all: These DON’T count as Crigence Critique reviews!

Second of all: I check every review before it gets posted to the site and if i see someone reviewing their own games i’d just delete it! (Especially if you put a fake name!)

Third of all: Community reviews get posted on a different page than the others, but you should already know that :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I could post a review for one of your games there @Crigence ?

If you want, sure!

Has anyone posted any reviews yet @Crigence ? I haven’t yet.

No, not yet. Oh well i wasn’t really expecting this to take off instantly anyway.

I’ve axed the project as it didn’t turn out as well as i wanted it too… Oh well, maybe someday i’ll give it another shot if enough people say they want it!

Hey @Crigence I love it! I do have a reccomendation though: Maybe make a button that syays “Add Factor” or something like that? You could add your own instead of being stuck with Graphics Music Controls and Difficulty.

I appreciate the feedback!

I’m going to be bringing back this system for a new feature being added to The Crigence Critique! It’s called the “Pages” and it will release… soon enough!


I have also added a new feature where you can switch the 1/5 score system for a 1/10 score system! If anyone else has any score systems you’d like to see implemented, now’s the time to tell me!


Totally unrelated, but I think you made a game for this list :slight_smile: