(ignoor pleaze)

im out of ideas @ItzBlob @JUSTPLAINOP @Galactian @meburningslime

make sci fi cyberpunk rpg maybe

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ok but i think you know im trash

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you got indie?
also i have a fun idea

no i dont have dang dam indie :frowning:

me neither… do you know somebody who does?

no @JR01 never helps me i pinged him 3ice

bud, jro1 is a mod, he’s busy, why not ask @meburningslime


ok @meburningslime

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he’s usaly afk tho, by this time of day most are, except for when we have a realy good dnd

calm down, bud, just calm down


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its okay, sometimes i get mad to (mainly at a ceirtain induvisual)

i like survival games but i cant make any :frowning:

what if you made, a zombie game? i will show you how

thx i need the player to place wood that the zombies can break but i cant explain it

you want a player sprite?

ok thats good btw do you know how to make inventory

there i think is a example for that

yes but its to dangin confusing