So uhhh…
I need help.
List of things I need help with:
NSGCraft Crafting System
I have no idea how to make this.Can someone explain if this is possible?
Inventory system
Yea,I also have no idea how to make this.I need pickaxes,axes,swords and hoes.Armour as well,as this is supposed to be minecraft(If your wondering where NSGCraft takes place,it takes place in 2020 after the events of MC.).I don’t have an idea on how to make it appear on Label(The character you play as) and how you can possibly break things.
Do they work?
I’m a kindle fire user and the enemies don’t work.I think that might be something that only happens on Kindle Fire.Do the enemies work for you?
Same as Enemies,I can’t walk =/.
Does this work on PC or not?

I made a inventory system it should be simple

@glithctyrus How do I make it?

Here is an example of an inventory system:

@GalaxianGames INTRESTING