Ill Review your game

put ur game in here, and ill test it

@fluxpatato102 ummmm your game isnt even close to good, im not mean just honestly its just a bunch of blocks that move up and u just held ur mouse down

@FluxPotato101 you know what i hate you and dont care that you broke your elbow you fat elbow.

Dude stop spamming

ok, i like this game more 8/10

Small fixes like the fact that u can faze Tfue through all levels by not moving after passing first door. second make the spikes on the last level not solid so you can fall through

i would increse gravity to 45.

my game

@10001197 i like your game, nice graphics. I would make it a little easier to pass the ants. other than that 9.9/10

My new game, GalacticoS! Just finished the 1.1 update.

can you review my game

@FluxPotato101 Here’s my game. I only spent 2 days on it so don’t expect anything major. Pls try my game.

my other account’s game.

@“Lance Hackman” - You’re @Simple_doge5 ?

Here’s a pretty polished game for you to test.

Gravity Hop

Also, heres a demo for the new game that I’m working on

Adventures of an 8-bit ninja

Hows This Its Still In Progress @FluxPotato101
These are the only games I’m not embarrassed to share.