I'm Back... Again!

I dont even know if anyone cares anymore lol but I’m back! Not only that, but I am bringing an online army! I might be teaching somecoding classes on flowlab for an extracurricular fun project! Cud i please have an update log and whatever has heppend? Thx!

Yoooooooooo, nothing much has changed, grazer added timestamp and theme. Theres also LOTS of newer people on the forum. Graveyard 2 has become rly big.

I just started checking the forums and working on my game bit ago (self plug ,check out my new WIP HERE)

I’m not quite sure what else has happened, welcome back!!

What do you mean, meburningslime?

What do you mean, coding classes, meburningslime?

Maybe C++, Javascript, CSS or another thing.

Lol no its an introduction to coding for middle schoolers. Iam starting with flowlab because it uses block code, which is easy, but is not limited like other block codes.

@“my_name (<_>)” thx

Oh, cool, can I join? Is it coding like, on the forum

@gamerztrio howbexperienced are you? Because if you are good you could help me?

I’m not that good like Latif or JR 01 and I’m new, so I don’t think I would be a good teaching assistant.
I joined in September.

And I’ve got free version.

@gamerztrio lol maybe u could participate then :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks! I really like your game, Cube Survival, by the way.
And what are the classes like? Are they gonna be on the forum or are you going to make a teacher account?

It will be a tutorial basically. Thank you and its kind of broken u should be able to buy skins ill have @grazer take a look at it at some point :confused:

How do you even make the enemies AI? My mind was blown playing it. But then I was focusing on the game because it was so fun. And you still didn’t answer my question: will the classes be on student accounts or on the forum? I don’t know how you’re going to do this thing.

Holy smokes you’re actually back!!!

The classes will be on the forum, and my game is free for use if you want to see how I did the AI! :slight_smile:

Well hello there

@rcreger well hewo

@rcreger well hello to you to