I'm Back! [] New Game : 1uP

Welp, i’m back after a little break and I just was sick of the game I was making before. the sprites were so high quality, that they were getting hard to keep up with, and then I though, what if I made a game, that did not need to much color (or any) and was easy to make. Welp here it is: a top down, auto moving game that is just fun and challenging. Right now (as of 10-31-17 Halloween :D) I have 5 levels, the 4th and 5th being the first miniboss, and boss.
Room 1-5 (Basic Levels)
Game Link: http://flowlab.io/game/play/744706
Feedback would be appreciated ._.

It’s hard, but I beat it all in under 10 minutes.

I guess I’m a filthy casual - I couln’t beat level 2 :frowning:

@grazer I play tons of games like this. I was a huge fan of tunnel rush games and rolling sky. If you’ve ever played that jumping little alien game or any line runner game, even the impossible game, it’s memory and reaction time. I became addicted to these games to improve my memory and hand eye coordination. I was thinking games like these would be an interesting form of punishment, rather than fun.

@“Mhx Ar” lol you mean doodle jump?

No, this game.


Oh god not that game…

Its just run

Lol, just 5 levels adding more soon

I also had to test each level like 400 times so I can do each lvl 1st try now >->

Quick Update:
Level 5: Boss Sprite Added, Small and fast and makes the random feel of the small blasts more predictable. Made the blasts smaller to keep a better challenge



I think the screen should be taller for better reaction time to upcoming obstacles, especially that last level with the falling aliens.

I will do that

Small Update:
Took @"Mhx Ar"s suggestion and made the screen larger for better reaction time
Due to this levels needed small tweaks and redesigns

Small bug while improving the Boss level, fixing it now