I'm back

It’s been a while flowlab
My attempts to code a game have gone…terribly, so I’ve come back to my square 1 to reignite the flame that was my passion for video game development. So, I have a question…My last game was called “Patience” its a frustrating game to play but was entertaining to make, should I delete it?
Patience: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1340075
Play it and decide. Don’t play my latest game because I literally just begun…also I hardly remember how to use this engine but I’m doing good so far.

Welcome home :slight_smile:

I sa delete it cause on level is impossible to do but not fustrating t all

@MagmaDude100 Don’t delete it, but maybe continue it and make it more challenging but with more content. And also welcome back :slight_smile: