Im Back!

Well this is my first game I made that has mining, going add on to it.

any comments

Sure: “Welcome Back” :slight_smile:

Also - I like your bold graphic choices, but it’s pretty difficult to get started and figure out what’s going on. Good start though!

maybe on level 4 I will add phantom ores…
ok added phantom ores. move your mouse over them to destroy them.
and added Lapiz. Who can beat him?

Maybe when I get membership I would make levels more puzzler.

But there will be suprizes.

Pretty good.

This is the most fun game, that I was confused, annoyed, and intrigued by.

nice game! although i recommend a down button, it takes a while to drop on that one spiral level. its awesome because its so confusing and colourful but not frustrating, I didnt know it was a platformer-like game until the third level! you should make secret blocks that look like the unbreakable blocks but you can go through them so its more puzzling.