Im back!

Dunno what happened, but Im back into commission. Thanks @grazer for fixing that

Welcome back. I emailed him to investigate it the minute I noticed your name and icon changed. No idea what happened.

Its nice to know that this place is friendly enough to know when youre missing (probably because I post way too much)

That’s what I said actually. I originally messaged him to see if you got banned or something, because I was going to ask to get you unbanned. Apparently he had no idea your account was deleted and started looking into it. I said that you post way too much to just suddenly delete your own account without saying goodbye. I figured you got grounded or someone had your password and deleted it. Either way, I’m glad you’re active, because if you weren’t, I wouldn’t have noticed. You’re always helping people out and posting all the time, so I got super suspicious when I realised you didn’t change your own name and picture as a spoopy Halloween prank. Good to have you back.