I'm doing a project for school and need help.

I’m doing a project. It’s where i have 7 squares in a ‘flower’ shape. I need to make it so when you click on a square the color changes but can only change once, and they all need to change to the same colour. It would be so great if you helped me, thanks.

use mouse clicks and animations

Yeah, I agree with ztg5 - it sounds like you probably just want one single object instead of 7. You can make the sprite as large as you like, and just add an animation to change the color. Trigger that animation when you click, and it should work the way you want.

I need 7 objects. Can I do what you said with the sprites and everything with 7 seven objects?

Ok, do this:

  • make your object
  • add a animation with one frame that just changes color, name it “color change”
  • add a “mailbox” to this object, set the message name to “color” or something, and connect it to an animation start behavior (set it to loop so the one “color change” animation will just keep playing")
  • when you click on the object, have it send a message named “color”
  • clone this object 7 times

I know i’m being really annoying, but what animation would I name ‘change colour’?

You’re not being annoying, I’m happy to help when I can :smile: I really need to add some official animation instructions somewhere.

To make an animation:

  • click on your object, and select “edit”
  • click on the sprite to open the sprite editor
  • click on the “filmstrip” animation icon
  • a new toolbar should open above your sprite, click “Pick Animation” then select “create new” in the select box
  • Type a name for your animation, it can be anything - but “change color” is fine.
  • Now you can add/remove/edit frames for your animation, but you just need one new one to display the new color you want

Once the animation is created, you can add an “animation” behavior to activate it.

yeah its too late for me to help…

Hey, again. I need more help. I’m sorry. I made it so it changes colour when I click on it, but I need to make it that when I click on it twice, it changes back to the start colour. Thanks!

I really need help now. My project is due TOMORROW

Okay. Use a togglw switch and take both imputs and make the mouseclick key link up with it. Take output 1 and imput it to start animation, and imput 2 goes into stop animation. Make dure the animation is on loop

Do you mean next and in (in toggle) are supposed to line up with the mouse click?

Please. I hope I’m not coming off desperate, but I AM desperate.


it dose not work. I am a newbie, I get that. And yes, I probably should not have made a school project using a website I’ve never heard of or ever been on, but I did it. Now I have to live with it. I guess.

Its ok- keep trying, you can do it!



post a link to your game, and it will be much easier to help you

game; http://flowlab.io/game/play/340786