I'm getting Android Error when exporting

I’m getting (Android Error) when trying to export my game…is there anything wrong on the servers or i need to fix something in my game?

Is this the game?

You don’t want to export this. There’s much work to be done. Let me help you.

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you don’t need this camera block.
Instead, do this:

Just put this in the player sprite.

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Also, do this for the left and right mobile controls

Also, you don’t need all these background blocks.

Simply just place the background blocks in the area of screen, then set the player’s camera to “background repeat”

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thank you very much for the tips, i’m just starting off and learning…
i thought i would like to see how game runs on the mobile before i continue…
your tips are very helpful thanks a lot

You’re welcome. Just do this: @hihilogic
anytime you need me

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I’ll check it out - thanks for reporting the issue.


You can test it by going to your mobile browser and logging into flowlab, then tap play.

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great tip! thanks a lot! never thought of this :smiley: