I'm having trouble with level design, any ideas?

I’m really struggling with level design. My game is gonna be a puzzle and i can only make ultra hard parkour and thats about it :frowning:

I was wondering if any of you pros out there could give me some ideas.

Here are the core components of my game.

Pressing Q: Acts as a toggle between the real world and the virtual world. Movement in each world transposes to the other.

Virtual Purple Blocks: Only exist in the Virtual world.

Pushables, Pressure pads and doors. : May come in different colours. Can be pushed to make jumps or onto pressure pads to activate doors. (Perhaps coloured pushables go with coloured doors and pressure pads?)

Spikes: Kill you. (These are currently a WIP)

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys! - camiwami


Can you give a link to your game? I could help :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you need anything else with this! Try adding some cool things like levers, and draw inspiration from other games! This is really good, btw.


Thanks! I’ll add levers! Also I’m gonna add coloured pushables and doors and pads and levers!! (wow that was a really long sentence lol)


You wanted to travel between different dimensions.

Whenever you press Q, have it extract the X and Y positions and then bring you to the level that is the alternative dimension. When there, set the X and Y coordinates to what is saved.

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For pressure plates, set the object to “not solid” but “collidable.” Then activate whatever you want with it when it toucher something.

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