Im hosting a game jam!

prize:bragging rights and a shout out on my youtube channle
theme:thank you for bringing us home
amount of time:2 weeks
what we will be judged on:art,fitting with the theme,gameplay,originallity,jumpscares(optional if you want some extra points :smiley:)creativitey,and finally detail.
jam starts as soon as 12 am strikes even tough I cant win I will be making a game to show of how much ive grown as a developer

  • im in
  • I cant sorry

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wait, horror? nah fam I cant program that

come on man it doesent need to be scary just slighty disturbing

Eversince I Saw “MoMo” Im Not Into Horror

I would have joined if I wasn’t so busy these days…

I would love to… But I have been to busy recently, sorry

Man, I’m currently working on a horror game too, but about a month too late lol.

yah I’ve been wanting to make a halloween game. I’ll try to come up with something

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ill be making one as well just for funnziesScreenshot 2020-09-18 at 9.37.53 PM
its called are we still friends

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only did it now just so I can show of my skills dont start till tommorow

I’m in. I have an idea for short seek and find puzzle that I could use this to build the framework for. What is the actual deadline date? (And what time zone are you in?)

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right now its 5:54 the jam ends in 13 days it just started

i have 10 days to make one? i don’t think i can finish but ill try

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Hey @glithctyrus are we heading towards the deadline? How about an extra week extension? If I’m not mistaken, it’s only you, me and Agent Y building anything for this and even though my game is really dumb, I want to put the intro and how to and endings in it to make it a “complete” thing. What say you?

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sure I had to dump my old game because I couldnt get it working,im planning on redoing it post jam now so heres your extension

a little sneek peek:blob: