I'm looking for a minimap example

I’m working on a top down open world game , does anyone have a mini map or compass example ? I want to have a map with a dot indicating the players position and have it move around the mini map. Any ideas ?


I made this minimap example not too long ago. It’s not perfect but it’s a good base I’d say.


excellent work greggo


only thing is when i venture off past that box it shoots out, ill have to add some kind of boarder to the box or something but yea pretty genius , thanks again !


Yeah, that could be a problem. It really depends on the size of your map.

I hope to improve the example but for now I have other stuff to work on. Glad it’s helpful!

When Grazer can add masking, I think this would be something much easier to do.
A mini-map now cant be too detailed, and needs the location of more objects for more details.

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