Im making a new game

im working on the game again at 7:00 PM

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And update openable boxes

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This game got memed help me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Not when you posted that, no. But now, yes.

also,can you send us the jump scare??

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There jump scare

also why did you do the monster if more peeple voted shadow?
not that you need to do the shadow this is your game,not ours.

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umm i saw more monster than shadow when i checked…

well right NOW the shadow has 80% the monster has 60%

do you want to [play the minecraft flowlab game? i have link

You should learn how to shade your pixel art, as well as make it detailed, those sprites look very bad because you use a bunch of different sized pixels.

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Way too empty, no shading and low detail.

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:unamused: okay i do it my own way

Yes, but even though people who make pixel art have their own styles, if the styles don’t look good and look extremely basic, then will not look good.


ok ill try to do better

i have a discord of games on flowlab

with custom emojis

That also seems like something that is useless since people can just search your name up and get your list of games.

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it is fine i get ideas from there that people dont use and just give it to me

WWEEEELLL,maybe its simple and basic on PORPOUSE LIKE AN NES GAME!

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