im making a zombie game

I’m making a game called: The Calling.

Story: A virus called Red Virus has gotten out of hand and has spread throughout the world. the infected and deceased victims have come back from the dead but much stronger. there are 4 survivors left who soon meet each other, their names are: Jason, Mia, Ryan, And Alex. They will have to fight their way through hordes of infected to get to safety. Will they make it or will they soon be infected? (this game is based off left 4 dead 2).

It’s a good story and concept, but maybe the virus shouldn’t be called “coronavirus,” because for some people, associating a virus called “coronavirus” with the undead can be seen as controversial (Youtube even had a user take down a video based on this plot).
I am not discouraging you from making this game. You can still make it, and I think it will be amazing, but the virus should not be a coronavirus.

okay i understand

changed it

Sounds cool, could you leave a link when it’s playable?


just to let you guys know, it’s a top-down shooter

you should trie something else theres like twenty people making a zombie game including me

if you still want to make it go ahead just make it unique :wink:

don’t u need to subscribe to do a team project?


@XXD3G yup, that’s right.

hows porkys nightmare been going @Superstargames
and i need help

It’s going well. I haven’t found the time to get your jumpscare into the game, but I may be able to get it in by tonight. What do you need help with?


sry about that and im want the 3 other survivors in my game to follow the player and when the player stops, the cpus stop