Im new and i'd like some help!

my game says connection error always and it says game art did not load correctly, HeAlP PlEaSe also im new


Welcome Cats_for_Code! Glad to see some new faces around here! What is happening when you get the “Art did not load correctly” Message? Is it something that a refresh could fix? or do you need to do something else? Anyways, welcome to the community (:


@Baconcat008 seriously?

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What! What did i do?? XD

Lol my sister, @cats_for_code would like help XD ive tried playing her game also but it said the same thing


ok, well how can I help? What happens when the error occours?

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Is it a multiplayer game?

i deleted it ok… ;-;


We could’ve fixed it lol.

why did you delete it??

Yes, I’ve seen that bug before

Anyways, take a bucket for your troubles.

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its her first game, so its quite buggy


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all i did was add a few blocks and it comletely made me restart my whole computer ;-;

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no offence, but maybe you just dont have the best computer… Is it a school computer or a home computer?

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dont you know tht already were in a meet

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