I'm officially leaving Flowlab

Goodbye. I have better things to do with my life. Adios.

You will be missed, dude. Good luck, and farewell. =(

Aww, that’s sad. Goodbye, and have a great day.

the cake is a lie

Kind of hurts, but you left your mark. If it was either a good one or not, that was up to you to decide. Nice meeting you, and good luck with “better things to do”!

@“JR 01” You just made my day.

@cthornock So long, and thanks for all the fish.

@“my_name (<_>)” Don’t panic! XD

You know, me and @cthornock are like, best friends. He introduced me to Flowlab, and he said that the reason he left is because something upset him. But, he wouldn’t say what is was. By the way, I just joined today, and so far, it looks ok. And @“my_name (<_>)” , fish?

I don’t blame him for leaving grazer gave flowlab to many update now its trash

It is not trash @GrimProdutionZ , though it is not the best, it can be a great start for many developers. @grazer works very hard to give us this stuff, and the updates are usually very helpful, so calling it “trash” is not respectable, nor is it true.

I’m sorry you feel this way towards Flowlab, but it is a great place with a good forums with fantastic users. Hope you stay longer to see that.

Well I guess but I have heard from many people the updates are not the best

Also I would Love Every One To Play This Game That Allows You To Upload My Sprites

@GrimProdutionZ, and who are these “many people”?

My Friends And Users OOOOOOOOFFF

riiiggghhhttt, and any of these ‘friends’ still use or enjoy flowlab today?

90% of the time, if a game doesn’t work right, it’s something the user did wrong. I generally try to help find real bugs before updates even go out, or right after a new update. Most real bugs are fixed right away. Anything wrong with a recent game is almost always bad wiring. Not understanding flowlab isn’t a good reason to give up. Preferring a different program is a reasonable one, however. Sometimes people get bored of making games or find it isn’t enjoyable to them. Users that stick around for years always learn a lot. Nobody is good right when they join. I promise you one thing, flowlab is way more enjoyable than learning to code. If flowlab isn’t your cup of tea, and you would rather type all your game code, it will take you at least a year to learn how to start. flowlab is very beginner friendly. Reading and watching all the tutorials in the help section is the best way to get good, besides practise of course.

@GrimProdutionZ you probably don’t have any friends that do play on Flowlab and never did. @Grazer did a great job creating Flowlab so people can learn the basic mechanics of coding and have a great time playing and testing games. Also you shouldn’t advertise your game on every discussion that you see.

play this plz https://flowlab.io/game/play/1218767

Those are some cool sprites now you need to make your “Game” into an actual game.