Im quitting

Hello everybody, Today I’d like to talk to you all about quiting flowlab. I haven’t been active recently and theirs a motive behind it. I actually am doing really well with C#. Its easy for me to understand and using unity I have free exporting to ANY platform, unlimited objects, everything for no price at all! Unity is just so much better for me, I’m already working on a game there and its going great. So, after 2 and a half years of working on flowlab (counting my first account), with a heavy heart i’m going to say goodbye. Thank you for flowlab, without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today, thank you, and good bye.

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Thank you for your contributions @“Mushroom Productions”! Goodbye.

Farewell. You will be missed.

Goodbye, @“Mushroom Productions”, it was great having you here. I’m saddened knowing that I won’t be staying here once my next game is complete, but it’s for a similar reason. I’m currently developing on Unreal Engine, and my first big game is in development. Likewise, it’s easier for me. Good luck, and farewell, @“Mushroom Productions”

unreal engine=epIc thats were epic games made fortnite @browngr

Yep. Other titles like the Arkham Games, Borderlands 2, Gears of War 3, Bioshock, and more were created on Unreal Engine as well.

spam F in the comments to pay respects to @“Mushroom Productions”

Hey @“Mushroom Productions” i never really saw much from you but I enjoyed your submission to the Flowjam and checked out a few of your other games. Please share links to your new projects and let us know how the transition from flowlab to unreal has been for you. Cheers!

@todorrobot I’m doing Unreal Engine, @“Mushroom Productions” is doing Unity

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Let’s not spam F’s in the chat, because that’s annoying, but I will do one:

@todorrobot I plan on making devlog videos for my game soon, so ill make a flowlab post about it. Going from flowlab to Unity was really hard. Flowlab code is nothing like C#, so I had to start from scratch. The plus side is that Unity has a huge community helping me out all the time, so I was able to catch on fast.


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