Im remaking porkys nightmare

the reason I did ralph first is because the other’s utilize the camera.
also everything on the cameras are actual places in the game world meaning I can do whatever I want and have sprites as big as I want at the cost of making ton’s of poses.

could i be part of the this game? u dont have to give me credit or anything i just wanted to be a helping hand. :slight_smile:

can you animate?
the thing im really dreading is animating the jumpscares

yes i can, well, most of the time, im not a amateur, i just need to know the style of the characters

ah ok
ill give the starting sprites for the jumpscare
do it in your own game,ill deal with putting them in the remake

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wait so what am i doing?

basically I make a starting pose for the jumpscare, then you animate it

oh so ur gonna add me? thx in advance.

actually you wanna tackle some sound design?
ill try and do the animations because im supposed to be the art guy, the guy thats good at animating and art so ill try it
im kinda good at sound design
but not the best

i can find sounds but idk how to make them. so would you be okay if i find some? ik where to look.

I know a little bit about sound editing

okay great, could u add me? or no.

not for the moment
you got discord? if not private messages should be fine

okie dokey and i do not and dont plan on doing having one, but if you dont trust me i understand, flowlab is sus.

flowlab do be looking kinda sus ngl
until then see you soon

okie dokey :smiley: (dont test me grammar couch)

since my birthdays tommorow should I code the cake then for the funny funny ha ha moment


well happy early birthday! :birthday::hocho:

Yes. I think you should. It would be the perfect timing.

oh snap wrong emoji, i made it seem like happy death day xD (if you ever seen that movie you would get the joke)