I'm stumped! please help me

I’m working on a game called, “Tanks and Tools” and the track that the tank is supposed to be always-emiting isn’t always emiting, I’m not sure if I did somthing wrong or it’s a flowlab bug but if some nice user could explain this to me that would be great.

Post a link to your game?

oh right… duh, here you are : https://flowlab.io/game/play/1464067

Hi there @buy3get5free ,

there is a limit how many objects you can emit, otherwise it would slow down your game at some stage.
Maybe let them expire?

Oh wow! thanks @TinkerSmith, I would have never figured that out.

No worries @buy3get5free , I didn’t know myself before I run into the same problem :slight_smile:
I think the limit is 100? But don’t quote me on that.

I always leave the ‘Emit’ set to ‘Never expire’ and then in the object itself I do this:

That way the object fades out nicely before it commits suicide … so to say, LOL
I think that looks better than it just popping out of existence.

EDIT: For sure the wire to the ‘to’ number block should be connected to ‘in’ and not to ‘+’
I need more coffee …

All right @TinkerSmith, sounds much better. Is it ok if I use that?

Sure thing, that’s why I showed you :slight_smile:

cool, thanks again just wanted your permission before I used your technique.