Im trying to make a background. Any Tips?

I’m trying to make a background for my PvZ game and I will admit I am horrible at pixel art so If I could get any tips that would be appreciated.

Step 1: draw a basic outline.
Step 2: create basic colors.
Step 3: add details.
Step 4: add shading by making darker colors 1 pixel to the left or right of the colored spots.
Step 5: polish.

Thx I know this will help

I got music and I think its a pretty good

It’s sounding good so far.


How do I upload music? I keep going inside it with my mp3. file ready but it just stays gray

First, you need a paid subscription. Next, select “upload” and choose the sound file that you want uploaded. Keep in mind that smaller .mp3 files are your best bet.


Awesome start! I love it! By the way, maybe try . It’s way easier and has tons of free features, including free downloading!