I'm trying to make my boss shoot at my player but it won't work

how do I make the boss move randomly and shoot at the player? because i tried to look it up but no one seems to do this. my boss has to stay in a certain area and shoot at the player until he is killed, and when he is killed he has to drop a key that opens a door but it won’t work. can someone help me?https://flowlab.io/game/view/1050268

this system of action takes a bit of work, but once you’ve done it, the work will be worth it.

PS to see it in a big game, look at the Little Eaters in Terraria:

thanks, I will try it out!

hey humbletubler I tried to make it but it is not working, can you take a look at it?

Oh lol you made 1 simple mistake: He’s following the Grass with his Extractor block! Change it to the player and it should work.

Also, the bottom filter needs to be less than 0

I tried, but it keeps changing to grass. is that a bug or is something wrong?

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes it is a bug, but all you need to do is delete the extractor and teplace it.

HumbleTumbler, two things;

  1. You spelled “replace” incorrectly, just wanted to point that out.

  2. I tried deleting the extractor and replacing it as a method of fixing it, but the bug persists. Suggestions?

yea the bug is the fact that there is a way to fix it but the way that it is set up i guess is messing it up and no ive not been in your games. its just common sense

@Grazer we need your all-powerful spells!